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Stack Overflow launched back in 2008 and has become a popular site where you can ask any type of questions, and get answers from experts, related to computer programming. They released an app back in 2014 called “Stack Exchange” but the company later realized the name of the app was not very discoverable as an app associated with Stack Overflow. Thus the reason they recently launched a new and official Stack Overflow app for both Android and iOS devices.

New Stack Overflow app on AndroidStack Overflow has become a large and thriving community for novice and expert programmers alike. To date, more than 10,000,000 questions have been posted on Stack Overflow and the community which has millions of users is continuously growing each day.

Now with their new Stack Overflow app you can do everything straight from your mobile device that you can on their website. This includes the ability to view, post, flag, vote on, and answer Stack Overflow questions. You can also turn push notifications on or off with the app depending on whether or not you want to be receive alerts on your phone when someone answers or comments on your posted questions.

There is one key difference between the older Stack Exchange app and the new Stack Overflow app. The new app only consists of Stack Overflow Q&A’s, whereas the Stack Exchange app consists of questions and answers from all of the company’s 170 plus communities. Anita Taylor, who is the Growth Marketing Manager for Stack Overflow, recommends that users who frequent multiple communities on a regular basis keep the Stack Exchange app installed.

So, if you are a power user who actively participates in multiple Stack Exchange sites, you may want to keep it on your phone to continue seeing all of your Q&A in one place.

Source: Stack Overflow

Download the newly released and official Stack Overflow app for free today from the App Store for iOS devices or on Google Play for Android.

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