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Do you wish you could get that old school gaming feeling back? Well now you can thanks to Hyperkin. Hyperkin is about to release a retro style mobile device called SmartBoy that turns your Android smartphone into a Game Boy.

The accessory attaches to the phone via USB-C giving your phone Game Boy quality controls. With this accessory you can also play original Game Boy and Game Boy Color gaming cartridges. The SmartBoy is compatible with many newer model Android phones.

Pre-orders are now being placed for $49 USD with shipments expected to start August 21st, 2017. The SmartBoy is reportedly compatible with other game emulators already available in the Google Play Store. If you had a chance to attend E3 2017 this year you may have had a chance to test this accessory out for yourself. It’s very easy to set up too, all you do is attach it to your device, put in your favorite game and away you go.

Hyperkin SmartBoy

SmartBoy is compatible with NTSC/PAL cartridges, phone sizes 5.2-6 inches, and it upscales to the phone’s resolution. Batteries are not required to play you just have to make sure your phone is charged. The mobile device is expected to become available in Europe come September for about £59.99. Hyperkin is a company well known for their popular consoles designed to bring back the retro games we all love and grew up with.

The kid in me is over the moon about this product for the fun fact that I can play my old games again. With this attached to your Android phone you’ll feel just like a kid again. SmartBoy is also good for all those retro game collectors out there as you will only have to look for the games themselves. Being that SmartBoy is a new device, it will be compatible with most of the newer Android smartphones coming out such as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This retro style device reminds me of the iCade for the iPad. The SmartBoy however in my opinion will be easier to move around and take places. I’d recommend getting your orders in soon. You can pre-order the SmartBoy on Amazon, my guess is the first batch will sell out quickly.

Pre-Order Hyperkin SmartBoy on Amazon

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