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On November 30, 2016 it was announced that a new take on the tablet was to be released. Magnus Wanberg found himself asking a simple question; why is it in this digital age that we still have paper printouts and blank paper for taking notes?

In 2013, Magnus and the reMarkable team came up with an idea to create a tablet PC that would emulate the natural feel of paper. The team wanted to make a pure-paper like experience for the users of the reMarkable tablet. Made for reading, writing, notetaking, and sketching; this tablet is designed for those who love and are inspired by the clarity and ease-of-use of paper.

With the first batch of tablets being shipped on August 29th 2017, pre-orders end on the 28th. Unlike other tablets this one does not send you notifications for apps or tweets, there’s no dialing and texting – just plain paper. It keeps all documents, notes or doodles you have in order. Another benefit of this e-paper tablet is it takes up less space than regular paper so it lifts some of weight off you. People often look for a piece of paper to take down notes or to get their thoughts jotted down before they lose them. This tablet can organize all of that and is limitless. You will never have to worry about running out of the paper you need again.

The reMarkable tablet comes with it’s own Wacom pen that works just like a real pencil with tilt and pressure support. With the low latency between touch and response it makes writing on this tablet feel so natural. The reMarkable team were able to get the latency down to 55 milliseconds. This tablet was built to be black and white from the start to make the distraction free digital paper more realistic. You are still able to share your notes or sketches with others but without other nagging interruptions or notifications.

reMarkable the paper tablet

The reMarkable e-paper tablet was designed to do several specific things and with the fact that it is very minimalistic compared to other tablets it does these tasks very well.

It has been called a Kindle on steroids but the creators do not agree. They see a tablet within it’s own category. With no fancy bells and whistles this tablet is nothing like we’ve seen before. The company behind reMarkable is not just some fad that’s going to build up hype and leave. They vowed to be dedicated to this project and do whatever it takes to see it come to life as a must have piece of technology.

Not only do I think this tablet lives up to it’s name “reMarkable”, but I think it will be the perfect tool. To all the artists who write poetry and love to sketch, as well as students who already have enough to carry with them from classroom to classroom. It’s a great tool for many different types of people and industries. You could even use it for taking notes at a convention for example. This tablet is for all of you to lessen the load of having all that bulk to carry around. You’ll still get that feel of paper without the smudge marks and added weight. You may want to place your order in before the first batch is gone for I can see them selling out before you know it.

Visit the official website to learn more and pre-order today!

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