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Our Android app of the week is a popular anime game called Seal: New World. It’s been 14 years since the developers released a new version but now you can dive back into the world of Seal on your mobile device.

You can play this classic game in online multiplayer mode or on your Android smartphone or tablet. With this brand new world you get a whole new experience.

The creators have brought back 3 classes to choose from. You choose whether you want to be a knight, priest or jester. Upgrade your characters, train your pets and choose your gear so that you can complete the challenging levels this new and improved world has for you. This anime game has an alliance system, arena, beanstalk, survival challenges, world boss game play and more. There’s so much to explore that you won’t ever be bored.

The game also makes it so you can have a pet. You can train your pet and take them with you on your journey. There are over 40 different pets to choose from. Don’t be fooled though; these pets may look cute and cuddly but they can also be deadly. You can also ride your mount into battle so you no longer have to waste your own energy.

Bored with your look? The game also features hundreds of costumes to choose from. Want to feel girly or dangerous? All you have to do is choose the costume that best fits your mood. With loads of fashion choices and accessories, you will have multiple options to select from. If you can imagine it then they probably have it.

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Hate being single? Well this anime game can help with that as well with it’s in game wedding system! Play to earn points for intimacy and propose to your object of desire. Hold a traditional wedding by choosing your wedding dress and holding a beautiful banquet with your friends there to share in the moment.

Speaking of friends, this game makes it so easy to communicate with them. Just use text or voice messages and you can chat to any in game player. Don’t have any friends that play the game? No problem! With the game’s fair trading system it makes it easier than ever to make new friends. With Seal: New World you can have tons of fun whether you’re new to the game or a long time fan. This game makes it easy for anyone to get lost in the adventure.

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