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The intelligent Rain Bird smarter watering mobile app with remote access helps you save time, water, and money on your monthly water bill.

With Rain Bird installed on your tablet PC or smartphone, you can remotely control your lawn sprinkler system with ease no matter where you are. The app is compatible with the ESP-Me or ESP-TM2 sprinkler system controller models.

How the Rain Bird App Works

There’s numerous features to help you keep your plants and lawn healthy and save money on your water bill each month.

These new Rainbird Wi-Fi controllers are amazing!! This controller gives total control to you, the homeowner! There is no longer a need for rain sensors, or running back and forth from your controller to your sprinklers in the yard. This controller will adjust based on weather reporting and you can turn your system on and off from anywhere. ~Justin Vergano, Colorado Sprinkler Service

ESP-Me water sprinkler system and mobile appCustomize Zones

You can specify zones such as your front yard, and back yard for example, and customize watering schedules individually for each zone.

Build and Automate Your Schedule

Each part of your yard requires different amounts of watering on different days. Easily automate watering frequency, start times, and adjust water duration run times.

Weather Intelligent Self-Adjustments

As the weather changes, how much watering that’s required also varies. The built-in Automatic Seasonal Adjust feature enables you to use only the amount of water that you need to. Your watering schedule is automatically adjusted based on temperature, humidity, your local weather as well as the season. Brilliant!

Easily Share Remote Access

Perhaps you’re going on vacation or plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time. In such a scenario you might want to grant a neighbor, friend, or family member access to your home sprinkler system so they can help tend to your lawn while you’re away. The Rain Bird app makes sharing access easy so long as whoever you’re sharing access with has a compatible mobile device.

Great for Contractors

If you own a sprinkler installation company, the Rain Bird app makes it easy to remotely connect to each system individually for all of your customers.

Tech Specs

Compatible with Rain Bird ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 residential controllers
Supported mobile devices Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or greater; Android devices running OS 4.4 (KitKat) or greater
Wireless frequency bands supported 2.4 Ghz only
Wireless networks supported 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi security modes supported None, Open, WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2-TKIP, WPA2-AES, WPA2-AES-TKIP
Communication modes supported Communication with module via module Access Point (hotspot); Communication with module via local area network; Communication with module via Rain Bird relay server
Electrical specifications 24VAC(RMS) 50/60Hz; 55mA maximum
Certifications UL, cUL, FCC Part 15b, IFETEL, IP30
Module dimensions 1.13″ W; 1.83″ H; 0.48″ D

Rain Bird has over 80 years of experience when it comes to irrigation innovation. Start saving money on your next water bill today! Visit the official Rain Bird website, or download the mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.

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