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Korean based company and mobile giant Samsung distributed a press release today announcing their upcoming Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE and Galaxy S II LTE which are both coming soon apparently. That’s right folks, if you’ve been waiting for a Galaxy Tab 8.9 with 4G connectivity well your wishes will soon be granted.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE & Galaxy S II LTE smartphone

Here’s a little snippet from today’s press release from Samsung:

With the introduction of GALAXY S II LTE and GALAXY Tab 8.9 LTE, we will take the capabilities of these devices to a whole new level.

No exact pricing for their new and soon to be launched devices were announced, neither were availability dates but this is still great news nonetheless. What we do know is that Samsung is prepping to unveil the new high speed 4G Galaxy Tab 8.9 next week at the IFA in Berlin, Germany which is one of the worlds largest global consumer electronic and home appliance trade shows.

Not much has really changed in regards to specs of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, it still sports the same overall design and screen resolution but that’s alright because Samsung’s screen technology is already more than impressive. It does however come equipped with an upgraded 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, oh and did I mention 4G? Yes I did, that’s right, it just sounds so sweet I had to say it again. I’m sure you fellow high-speed enthusiasts out there can relate and understand!

Also mentioned in today’s press release:

The addition of LTE to the Samsung GALAXY portfolio also opens further opportunities for mobile application and content developers

Good point and very true. With increased bandwidth you really can do so much more, you can execute features a lot quicker and in real-time. There really is plenty of mobile services that can benefit from this, especially location based Android applications.

There’s no denying the newly updated slate will be a fantastic device, I suppose how successful it will be all boils down to pricing. Not to mention, a quad-core Android Ice Cream Sandwich powered Galaxy Tab model is expected towards the end of the year and what type of impact will that have on today’s newly announced LTE model? I suppose only time will answer that question. Either way, we’ll keep you posted regarding any updates on this topic. You’ll have more facts such as pricing and release dates as soon as we do.

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