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If you’re currently looking for a slim, durable and stylish new case for your iPad 2 then I’d like to suggest the new Leather Folio Case designed by Rivet. The leather material used for the hard outer shell is high quality and the case itself is hand-crafted.

There are many iPad 2 cases to choose from and this one is a bit pricier than some others that are are lower grade and use cheaper material. This one is well worth the investment though. The bottom line is you get what you pay for and this case is functional, built to last and most importantly able to keep your iPad 2 protected better than most. In all honesty there are similar cases out there that cost an additional $30 to $40, so this one is in fact reasonably priced.

Rivet’s Leather Folio Case has the ability to fold in two different positions, one angle for viewing and one for typing. Like any good smart cover it also uses a magnetic system which enables both wake and sleep mode. Simply fold the lid back to wake your iPad 2 and then close it when you’re finished using your tablet.

It’s made from a high-resistant leather material. There’s a soft interior lining and the outer shell is made using rigid plastic which when combined ultimately provides the best protection against shock and other types of damage. Of course it’s also designed a certain way to ensure you have full access at all times to your cameras, buttons and all ports.

Not that you’d likely ever need it, but for even more reassurance Rivet offers a 3 year warranty for their products. Whether or not you’ll need to take advantage of the warranty it’s good to know it’s there if you do need it. Of course this makes purchasing the Leather Folio Case even more ideal and adds to the buyer feeling more secure knowing that Rivet is highly confident in the products they make and offer a generous warranty to back it up.

So, get the proper protection you need for your iPad 2 and order yours today!

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Rivet Leather Folio Case For BlackBerry PlayBook

If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook or know someone who does, there’s more good news. Rivet also makes a version of the Leather Folio Case for the PlayBook tablet.

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