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Since RIM launched their PlayBook tablet exactly one month ago it’s estimated they have sold approximately 250,000 units. On average that’s more than 8,300 sales per day. Not too shabby. According to Mike Abramsky, who is the GM for RBC Capital Markets, sales in fact have been quite steady since the PlayBook was introduced to the market.

Of course when sales estimates like this are revealed the knee-jerk response is normally something along the lines of “Well that’s not even close to how many iPad’s were sold on launch day alone back in April 2010“. As much as our hats go off to Apple we try our best to have an unbiased approach to things here and see things from different angles. Yes it’s a fact that Apple sold over half a million iPad’s in roughly 48 hours and yes they pretty much still have a chokehold on the tablet market one year later, but there are other companies out there such as RIM who deserve a lot of credit for their remarkable work as well.

Sales numbers for the PlayBook may be a bit lower than some had predicted, but nonetheless they are still quite impressive. Not to take anything away from Apple, and to make it clear I’m a fan of the iPad as well, but you have to consider the fact that when the iPad first went on sale it was the only touch-screen tablet of it’s kind on the market. This of course had a big impact on popularity and overall revenue. Point being, under the circumstances and all things considered selling 1/4 of a million PlayBooks in the first month is nothing to frown upon.

RIM has had a few minor setbacks with their Blackberry PlayBook, but what company doesn’t face a few bumps along the road? There was of course the issue with AT&T not yet supporting Bridge software back in April and most recently the issue of roughly 900 PlayBook’s being recalled, but despite that the company as well as Blackberry fans remain optimistic, and so they should.

Despite what a number of critics are saying about RIM’s PlayBook, you have to admit it’s still a very useful tablet with a lot of capabilities for general users and business people alike. I predict a very bright future for the PlayBook as more apps become available and more people switch from buying laptops to investing in tablet pc’s which has been a progressively rising trend as of late. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t count the PlayBook tablet out just yet!

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