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If Lootiful is in the business of being totally awesome then business must be great! This is by far the coolest iPad 2 case I’ve ever seen and yes I want one! Their new Game Boy style case for the iPad 2 is just too plain cool for me not to share. I wouldn’t be able to sleep during the day (yes I’m a night owl), I’d feel guilty and as though the entire retro gaming society was after me if I didn’t spread the word.

It’s new, but it’s classic at the same time, this will make sense to fellow fans of the original Game Boy. At this time there’s no word on date of availability or pricing, but I don’t care how much it costs because this is something I’d be willing to trade my first born for. Ok, maybe that’s taking things a bit too far, please don’t tell my imaginary girlfriend I said that. I would however make a point of getting up before noon to wait in line for this particular iPad 2 accessory, that much is true.

iPhone Game Boy case

You might already be familiar with the famous iPWN! hard shell case for the iPhone. Well, this must have case will soon be here for the iPad 2, it’s just a matter of time now. I believe if everyone owned one of these cases life would be complete and all would be at peace with the world. A few key features of this case include:

  • Protects your iPad 2 from evil forces
  • Helps you find a girlfriend
  • Bumps your coolness level at least 10 notches
  • Keeps your iPad 2 safe from dings and scratches
  • Slim custom fit yet durable

At least I believe those features are included, we’ll have to wait until the product launches to be 100% sure.

Although this case is a replica of Nintendo’s Game Boy original it’s still the best thing invented since the word geek itself. It’s like no other iPad 2 case out there and will be available for pre-order very soon!

Visit the official Lootiful website for more information.

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