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Easily use your PlayBook tablet as you normally would while charging your battery at the same time with the OEM BlackBerry 2-in-1 rapid charging stand. This PlayBook battery charger doubles as a stand so you can do various tasks like watch videos with the multimedia player or make calls for example.

Enjoy the convenience of using this PlayBook accessory at your home or office. It is designed in a way that it won’t interfere with your work or any tasks you need to do on your portable tablet.

PlayBook pc rapid charger and stand

Use this PlayBook accessory to charge your battery at a rate of up to 2x faster than the standard BlackBerry tablet battery charger. Optimize your viewing angle at just the right spot that works best for you no matter where you are. This unit comes bundled with a 6 foot power cable as well as country-specific adapters. Just to reassure you, this rapid charger is also BlackBerry Protect Safety Certified.

If I were asked to pick only two words that best describe this PlayBook tablet accessory I’d have to go with convenient, speedy and efficient. Ok that’s three, sorry I couldn’t help myself. This accessory is just that good in my opinion and I could have kept going but I’m sure you get the point. Once you plug it in and go about your business on the PlayBook you’ll forget it’s even there and before you know it your battery is fully charged.

They don’t call it rapid for nothing! Part of the reason it can charge nearly twice as fast is because it uses 24 watts of power. Considering the fast paced world we live in it’s convenient to have an accessory like this.

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