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At first glance when you see a ReAuthored iPad 2 book case it looks just like a regular hard cover book, but like the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover. Fortunately we were lucky enough here at Let’s Talk Tablets to get our hands on one of these unique and stylish custom made iPad 2 book cases and we hope you enjoy the following accessory review.

When we received this iPad 2 case in the mail it was well sealed and bubble wrapped to ensure full protection. So, if you order one of these cases you can be assured that it will arrive safely in great condition. One of the corners on the inside canvas, the patterned cloth like fabric located underneath where the iPad 2 rests, had come loose however but a small amount of carpenters glue fixed it right up.

Basically, the crew at ReAuthored take old hard cover books and resurrect them, giving them new purpose as handy and creative tablet PC cases. Before you ask “why would you ruin a perfectly good book“, keep in mind these are books which are headed for the scrapyard and ReAuthored is actually extending their life, which in fact is the total opposite of ruining them, by modifying and converting them into one of a kind and practical tablet computer cases.

When the case is in its closed position the elastic band which holds it closed is the only thing that might give it away as being more than just an average book. In all honesty if this iPad 2 case was placed on a bookshelf or even laying on a coffee table it would be very well disguised and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the difference. This is actually a very useful feature since it does help prevent potential theft of your device. Open the case up and that’s another story, mild pun intended, enjoy the surprised look on people’s faces when they see there’s actually an iPad 2 hiding snugly inside.

As far as durability is concerned you really don’t have to worry about your slate getting damaged. This case is actually strong enough to withstand a lot of bumps and pressure above and beyond typical everyday use. At the same time overall weight is not sacrificed and it’s actually light making it easy to carry around.

This unique handcrafted iPad 2 case may not come equipped with a stand and compared to a slim custom smart cover for instance it might be a bit on the bulky side for some users. It’s all a matter of preference I suppose & despite this the ReAuthored case is quite stable, creative, durable and certainly unique. It’s designed in a way that it will surely keep your iPad 2 well protected and secured while on the go and there’s no reason you can’t get many years of good use out of it.

You could not ask for a better fit where the iPad 2 rests inside. The frame dimensions are well calculated and very precise. There are also 2 small elastic bands that help keep the iPad 2 properly in place. As mentioned above this case does not double as a stand, but it’s still comfortable enough if you want to type or say perhaps surf the web on your tablet.

This case might not be suitable if you want to do things like watch a movie on your iPad due to somewhat limited viewing angles. For example if you try to prop it up while in landscape mode you risk the front cover falling forward. It’s not exactly a design flaw, more like an unavoidable limitation since the front cover cannot flip completely underneath the back of the case without busting the spine of the hard cover book. This is not a necessity for all users though and again boils down to preference. In portrait mode however watching movies on your iPad while it’s in the case is actually not so bad even when you prop it up.

Overall I was definitely pleased with this case and feel it is very well made. For only $49 you can snag one of these cases up and considering the amount of work that goes into making them it really is a great deal. Also, when you compare the price to similar notebook style cases such as the Dodocase or Portenzo case which range from $60 to $70 you can appreciate the price of a ReAuthored case even more.

Visit the official ReAuthored site to order yours today!

ReAuthored iPad 2 Book Case Photos

Here’s a few random photos of the ReAuthored case which were taken using a Canon PowerShot SD750. We are in the process of getting much higher quality photos developed and when they are ready we’ll be swapping the current ones out with the new high def ones.

iPad 2 ReAuthored book style case

iPad 2 ReAuthored notebook case opened

iPad 2 ReAuthored notebook case in portrait mode

iPad 2 book case from ReAuthored in landscape mode

ReAuthored iPad 2 Book Case Contest & Giveaway

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