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We were all enthralled by the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Now we all wait impatiently as the release date for the new Android game Kingsman: The Golden Circle is getting closer.

Yes you read that right we are now approaching the launch of a new Android game that throws us into the Kingsman world. This movie franchise is a golden one capturing audience members of all ages. Knowing this we can predict that the new Android app will go off without a hitch and the fans of this franchise will welcome this app with open arms.

What can we expect from the new Kingsman mobile game? Well you will be recruited by the Kingsman and put through some tough training thanks to Melvin’s virtual simulator. Playing as Eggsy, Harry, Roxy, Merlin and many more from the Kingsman world using the unique skills, styles and gadgets each character has to your advantage. With this new puzzle action game you must fight and save the world from all the threats that are hidden and lurk within.

Use your quick thinking skills to complete the puzzles before you so the enemy doesn’t get the upper hand. Real-time puzzles make the action quick and challenging so by using quick time events it will help you to defeat bosses. With over four different modes you can have endless fun. With story mode you can fight iconic villains from the Kingsman world. You can face off against other players by building a team and fighting in the bounty battle mode. Team up with your mentor and complete mission after mission in the tag team mode or you can do endless battles in the daily events mode.

You are able to unlock and upgrade the clothes, gadgets and gear your agents use. Every item you pick one you can alter your agent’s skills by upgrading them and helping to prepare you for your next mission. Make the perfect match in a battle and watch as your character acts out an amazing action scene for you. The game looks to be very promising with its graphics and game play. The creators have made it to be very enticing to the fans of the franchise and very appealing to those who love the puzzle and action genre of the gaming world.

For the moment we can only watch the trailers and look at the pictures of the game as well as the movie. For those who can’t wait and need to know the second the game is released you can now pre-register for the game in the Google Play Store. The creators have timed it perfectly so the game will be released around the same time as the new film comes out so that fans can enjoy both. I for one cannot wait to see the game in action and to be able to kick butt along with my favorite agent’s from the film.

All pre-registered players of Kingsman: The Golden circle will also enjoy exclusive rewards! Hurry and pre-register today before the September 14, 2017 global release date!

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