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The release of the much anticipated Lost Sphear JRPG game for the Nintendo Switch is finally just around the corner! Now you can pre-order Lost Sphear which will be available January 23, 2018 for both the Switch and PS4 consoles.

Currently the Lost Sphear game demo is also available on Nintendo’s eShop. Check out the official demo trailer below for the Switch gaming platform.

Several new Nintendo Switch game releases are arriving this month but Lost Sphear by Square Enix is among the most anticipated. The game has an enthralling storyline and the graphics and gameplay appear to be nothing short of incredible.

The main character in the game is Kanata who comes from a remote town called Elgarthe. Your mission is, quite simply, to save the world which has been plagued by a mysterious threat. Yes, the fate of the game’s abstract world lies in your hands. No pressure there at all! But don’t fret as you don’t have to embark on this adventure on your own. Kanata’s crew members including Lumina, Locke, Van, Sherra and Obaro will join you and help along the way! Shape your own magical adventure and restore the lost using the power of Memory. Lost Sphear is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Using clever strategies and an enhanced ATB Battle System learn to become triumphant in any challenge. You can also acquire mechanized suits of armor called Vulcosuits during battle and while traveling through world. These suits can not only help you blast through any obstacle in your path but can also help you when it comes to avoiding certain threats and enemies.

An ominous power threatens the fabric of reality but you and your crew have the ability to stop it! Be sure not to let the memories of this world vanish or be forgotten.

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