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Last month was an exciting one for Blackberry fans when RIM announced official launch dates for the new PlayBook tablet, April 19th to be exact. Not even one month later there’s already rumors beginning to surface of the PlayBook 2 potentially being launched later this year. So, it’s quite possible we will see a 2nd generation PlayBook before the end of 2011. Are these rumors true? Well of course we can’t say for sure just yet but let’s face it, a new model release wouldn’t exactly be far fetched.

The novelty hasn’t even worn off and 4G models haven’t even gone on sale yet for the original PlayBook so you might ask, what’s all the hype about the PlayBook 2 and how will it be better? Well when it comes to tablet pc’s in many ways smaller and more compact is better, but in some cases bigger is still better apparently. Currently the PlayBook comes equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and the biggest rumor of all is the fact that the PlayBook 2 will most likely have a 10-inch touch screen. Whatever the case, bigger or smaller, size matters to consumers.

Let’s switch gears just for a moment and compare some similarities here. When the first generation iPad was launched by Apple back on April 03, 2010 people fell in love with it right away. Despite the fact that it was so revolutionary though it wasn’t perfect and a lot of people felt it could use several improvements. One of the biggest disappointments for many was the fact that it didn’t come equipped with a camera. So, what did Apple do? Well, roughly a year later they released the iPad 2 which had not only one, but two cameras.

It seems in some ways the same can be said for the PlayBook. So far people who have purchased one mostly have positive feedback, but like anything, there is always room for improvement. The fact is, tablet pc’s are still quite new so it only makes sense that there will be a lot of evolution taking place in a short period of time, thus the demand for a “version 2” happening so fast.

Whatever the case it looks like RIM is going to have a very eventful year with no signs of slowing down.

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