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Our iOS app of the week is a newly released ARPG mobile game called Dragon Raja which is based on the popular fantasy novel series.

Dragon Raja high-fantasy novels were first introduced back in 1997. Since then it’s become a critically acclaimed series that is enjoyed by tens of millions of people worldwide. Now you can enjoy the mobile game version of this epic series right from your iPhone or iPad.

Check out the Dragon Raja mobile game teaser trailer below.

Developed by the talented folks over at Playwith Interactive, this mobile game is action packed and fast paced. Your mission is to save your land and kingdom of Bysus from a Crimson Dragon. Powered by Unity3D, Dragon Raja is a real-time PvP iOS game that will keep you on your toes especially during the 30 vs 30 guild wars. You’ll be blown away by the stunning and artistic detail of the characters and overall graphics in the game. It’s hard not to appreciate the artwork and the skill effects are pretty awesome too.

Bit by bit the more you play Dragon Raja on your iOS device the more you will reveal the incredible story behind the popular fantasy series. In campaign mode you’ll also enjoy exploring hundreds of different dungeons. If you enjoy challenging combat, breathtaking visuals and a good story then you need to check out this game.

Click the button below to visit the App Store and download Dragon Raja on your iOS mobile device today for free. You may also be interested in following the Dragon Raja Facebook page to take part in exclusive events that can earn you special in-game perks.

Dragon Raja is also available for Android tablets or smartphones via Google Play.

Download Dragon Raja from the App Store

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