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As of today the official Facebook social networking app is now (finally) available for the iPad. Now you can enjoy all of the benefits Facebook has to offer directly from your iPad in mobile touchscreen style. According to lead developers, there will be enhancements made for the iPhone version of this app as well which will include all of the same great features the iPad version has.

Will the developers at Facebook make their next mission to provide an Android version? Who knows, up until today for the most part Facebook even denied there was an iPad version in the works. Maybe they will surprise Android tablet users just the same.

Facebook app for iPad

After months of disagreements and back and forth discussions between Apple and Facebook it’s nice to see the two companies finally come together and reach an agreement. Perhaps they’ll be able to come to quicker agreements in the future by communicating through this new app. Sorry, just my lame attempt at humor. Jokes aside though, Bret Taylor who is the chief technology officer at Facebook stated the main reason for the delay was simply due to the fact that it wasn’t quite ready for launch until now.

If you’re a developer who has featured apps showcased on Facebook and are concerned about payments being tracked and credited to you, well you need not worry because you’re well covered in that department. Here’s a snippet from the Facebook press release today:

The Facebook Platform will allow mobile developers to take advantage of social channels for search of discovery of their apps and also the Facebook Credits payment system.

For general iPad owners and Facebook users, be sure to download this free newly released social app today and take advantage of all of it’s great features. Enjoy an enhanced experience with hi-resolution photos, better navigation, games on the go, simple tap and swipe features and more.

So what are you waiting for? Geeks, gadget freaks, tablet PC lovers and online social fanatics grab your copy of Facebook for iPad today!

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