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Technology is always evolving and the more it progresses the more fascinating it becomes. Rewind even just a century ago and who would have thought there would be talking mobile phones and applications that obey your commands like SIRI and virtual cloud based storage environments such as iCloud. Well, here we are in the present and such computing solutions are no longer just a dream and instead have now become a reality.

The most interesting part of all is the fact that despite how far we have come we have still barely scratched the surface to reveling how much technology can simplify our lives and educate us in ways that even today’s brightest thinkers couldn’t possibly imagine, at least not yet. Human imagination pushes technology forward and technology also inspires people and helps to spark imaginations even further. There are many forward thinking companies out there though who are leading the way when it comes to technologically advanced inventions, one of those highly innovative companies of course being Apple who as of today released their all new TV commercial ads for their new iCloud and SIRI technologies.

New SIRI TV Commercial Ad Aired by Apple

A lot of people argue that SIRI is overrated and really not all that innovative and claim voice activated software has already existed for quite some time. Fair enough, but despite what critics say the truth is that we’ve never truly seen anything quite like SIRI before. SIRI has truly taken voice activation commands and AI (artificial intelligence) to a whole new level.

The majority of SIRI critics out there happen to be extreme Android OS enthusiasts. Of course I do my best to remain unbiased and not particularly favor one over the other when it comes to iOS and Android or any mobile OS for that matter. I simply try my best to see things more for what they really are. This is not to bash the Android community in any way, heck I am a big fan of Android myself, but you have to give credit where credit is due and there’s no denying that Apple has raised the bar with their new SIRI technology.

One thing we strive for here at Let’s Talk Tablets is to address the facts rather than express one sided opinions. This is something we have become well known for here and we certainly plan to keep it that way to the best of our ability. The fact is, SIRI truly is innovative.

Check out the video below of the new SIRI TV commercial aired by Apple.

New iCloud TV Commercial Ad Aired by Apple

Next we have Apple’s new iCloud TV commercial which briefly shows a few examples of how the new cloud based service can help simplify our lives and make syncing data between multiple devices a breeze.

There are many great features that come bundled with iCloud which we’ve mentioned numerous times on our site already, but probably the most popular fan favorite feature would be the ability to easily share and access items such as purchased books, music and movies in real time no matter what Apple device you’re using.

Check out Apple’s new iCloud TV commercial below and enjoy!


What are your thoughts on the new Apple TV commercials or just SIRI and iCloud in general? For those of you who already own the iPhone 4S are you enjoying these new features and if so in what ways are they assisting in making your life easier and more manageable? For those of you who don’t yet own the iPhone 4S is it on your wishlist, perhaps even for the upcoming Christmas holidays, or do you simply prefer other smartphones when it comes to meeting your needs & requirements instead?

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