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Logitech takes innovation to new places once again, this time with their new iPad tablet keyboard. They sure know how to design the coolest products which they prove time and time again. This new Logitech keyboard is designed exclusively for the iPad and has some very useful features to help you make the most of your tablet computer experience.

So you might be asking yourself what exactly makes this particular keyboard stand out above the rest? With the high volume of iPad 2 accessories available why should you choose one over the next? I agree, sometimes it can be a chore deciding what accessory to invest your hard earned money on especially considering how many options there are out there.

Well first of all this is more than just a keyboard, it’s carrying case also doubles as a stand for your iPad 2. This means you can use the case to carry your keyboard while on the go, then when you are ready to use your iPad 2 it conveniently converts into a firm and sturdy stand. It’s adjustable too which enables you to position your iPad 2 at just the right angle. Of course it’s also designed in a way that you can use your tablet device in either landscape or portrait mode.

2 in 1 Logitech keyboard and stand for iPad

If you think the 2 in 1 feature is impressive, that’s not all that makes this iPad 2 keyboard unique! It also has custom media controls. This lets you play, pause and adjust your volume levels accordingly directly from the keyboard itself for added convenience.

Logitech iPad keyboard media controls

This wireless iPad 2 keyboard from Logitech is powered by 4 AAA batteries and works well within a range of roughly 30 feet from your iOS device. It’s also compatible with the original iPad, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and uses the latest in Bluetooth technology.

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Final Words

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to try this iPad 2 accessory first hand, since it’s only available for pre-order at this time, I can say it looks very promising. Having used many Logitech products throughout my career I know from experience that they are a topnotch company that specializes in making only the best, most reliable and ergonomic products.

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