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Earlier this week Game Insight released a free new Android tablet game called Enchanted Realm. It’s our featured Android app of the week and for good reason. Topping the charts at #40 for the category of top new free apps and ranking at #147 in the top free games category in the Android market only a few short days after it’s release. Quite impressive really! On top of that, 200,000 players have already downloaded this game on their Android tablet in only 5 short days. At the time of me writing this article those rankings are now 17 and 16, which is even more impressive especially considering the wide array of Android apps that are on the market nowadays.

Enchanted Realm Key Features & Objectives

Alright, so the game is popular, but what’s it all about? The main objective is to build your city up, but of course it’s more than just a game as you will embark on a fantasy filled fairy tale adventure and enjoy the great storyline along the way.

Other game objectives include:

  • Grow & harvest plants
  • Defend your kingdom against an evil sorceress
  • Increase population by expanding territories
  • Stock up on energy levels and gold
  • Have fun!

Enchanted Realm is also a very colorful and artistic style game, you have to admire the artwork. This game was designed and developed from the ground up with touchscreen Android tablets in mind, taking full advantage of their capabilities in order to enhance game play.

Some of the game features include:

  • Great soundtrack & unique game characters
  • Choose from over 50 residential service buildings
  • Expand your territory with in-game money
  • Share game achievements via Twitter & Facebook
  • High definition graphics & animation
  • Great storyline

Of course the game itself is free to download and play, similar to other Game Insight games, but there’s always the option to purchase upgrades and in-game cash flow in order to build your kingdom even quicker if you desire to do so. Click the button below to download & install your free copy today!

Download Enchanted Realm Android Game

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