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Introducing Platinum Air Hockey, a newly released Android Honeycomb tablet optimized game that will provide you with countless hours of addictive game play! We’d like to say thanks to Dave from Platinum Apps who contacted us directly and gave us the heads up for the release of this fun & exciting new game!

To help celebrate the launch of this new Honeycomb sports game the developers are offering 50% off the regular price for a limited time. Very sweet! You can also try Platinum Air Hockey Free at no cost and take the free version for a test run on your Android tablet.

New Platinum Air Hockey game optimized for Honeycomb tablets

Platinum Air Hockey Pro Key Features

This new game is designed and optimized specifically for Android Honeycomb tablets. You’ll be amazed at how realistic the game is; you’ll feel just as though you’re playing on a real table. It’s highly intuitive, each response is ultra fast and it also uses advanced AI (artificial intelligence) to make the game feel as real as possible.

This really is head to head mobile touchscreen gaming at its best!

figurine for Platinum Air Hockey Android Honeycomb game

Multiple Themes

To make the game even more enjoyable the developers have created several different themes for you to choose from. Themes include basketball, soccer, prehistoric, casino and classic arcade.

Game Modes

You can choose 1 player and play against the computer, or 2 player mode to compete against a friend. If you choose 2 player you can either play on the same Android tablet device or play via a wireless connection over a Wi-Fi only network. At this time playing over a 3G or 4G connection is not supported, but who knows maybe that will change with future updates.

Difficulty Settings

There are 3 difficulty settings which include easy, medium and hard. You can also customize how many points are required to win and select between 3 to 15.

Platinum Air Hockey Pro Demo Video

Download on Google Play

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