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Now you can stream and enjoy HDR quality movies and TV shows from Netflix on your Apple iPad Pro and the upcoming iPhone X smartphone.

You’ll want to first update your Netflix app to the latest version on your HDR-ready iOS device. At this time, not all Netflix original content is available in HDR. To find the content that is available in high dynamic range simply type “HDR” in the search field in the Netflix app on your 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Of course the much anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone X doesn’t begin shipping until later this year in November, but we can’t wait to see how Netflix HDR movies will look on its HDR-ready OLED multi-touch display.

With more tablet computers and smartphones hitting the market these days with HDR support, this upgrade is a smart step forward for Netflix. HDR and 4K streaming support is already available from Netflix for the brand new Apple TV 4K HDR box, so it’s no surprise that they are offering it to iPad and iPhone device owners as well.

Sort of how DVD’s replaced VHS’s back in the day, HDR is now becoming more mainstream. HDR is far more advanced as its core aim is to more accurately replicate the visual experience as seen through the human eye. Just like our eyes constantly adjust and adapt to the surrounding environment, HDR video uses similar methods to capture more realistic scenes which as a result make for a far better movie watching experience.

Note that at this time Netflix is only offering HDR streaming content to HDR-ready iOS device owners who have premium plan memberships. You must also have the latest iOS 11 mobile operating system installed.

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