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Often times universal USB charging cables for tablet PC’s and smartphones are mediocre at best. Sort of like a sandwich with only bread and no meat. They fray easily, and don’t always have the longest lifespan. Keeping your mobile device charged at all times is important, and owning the world’s most durable charging cable is more affordable than you might think!

The team at Nomad went on a mission to make, as they put in their own words, “one cable to rule them all“. Next thing you know, the Nomad Ultra Rugged Universal Cable was born!

Nomad Ultra Rugged Universal Micro USB and USB Type-C charging cable

With its 4X strength Kevlar core, this beast of a charging cable is literally bulletproof. It’s PVC jacket also makes it fireproof. We’d say it’s shockproof too but the fact that this accessory can be purchased for under $35 came as a bit of a shocker! For only $5 more you can get the battery pack option which has 2,350mAh battery capacity for super fast charging. Who would have ever thought that such a solid mobile accessory could be so affordable?

Nomad durable universal charger with battery pack

This rugged universal multi-tip charging cable will charge all of your Apple and Android tablet PC and smartphone devices. Basically it will charge anything that requires Lightning, Micro USB, and even newer model smartphones such as the Sony Xperia XA1 that use USB Type-C charging.

The Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable is Apple MFi approved and made with a highly durable military strength braided ballistic nylon cable. For added convenience and easier cable management, it even comes equipped with a Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) cable tie. Yes, Nomad certainly has thought of everything!

No more fraying after repeated use, and no more having to constantly replace your charging cords. Heck, our cat who has an obsession with chewing charging cables for some reason won’t even be able to tear through this thing and that’s saying a lot!

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