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Well here we go again, turns out more PlayBook 2 rumors are beginning to surface and as always when it comes to anything related to current and future touchscreen tablets we have you covered. As we mentioned earlier this month it’s quite possible RIM’s next tablet will have a 10 inch screen. There, now that we got that out of the way let’s move onto the newest rumors that are in fact more recent.

What we know for sure, well instead of ending this article before it begins how about we move onto what we don’t know but think might be the case for RIM’s next generation PlayBook. For starters, a few people are already claiming they have concrete information on what some of the PlayBook 2 specs will be, and they may very well be correct, however we personally can’t back this up until an official announcement from RIM so for us they are still just considered rumors.

As far as external design is concerned, we’ve heard the screen will be outlined by a thinner frame and perhaps the screen itself will have a higher resolution. Surely this would be a well accepted improvement and a much wiser use of available space.

SPOTTED: A penguin using a white PlayBook 2. Ok, we’re only joking about the penguin part but realistically the option for a white model could make headlines one day sooner than later.

Say goodbye to the 3G model PlayBook and hello 4G models. Will RIM completely scrap 3G models in their next manufacturing phase? We can’t say for certain at this point but sure it could actually happen. It’s not exactly far fetched to say the PlayBook 2 will support 4G connections. This is one change plenty of consumers would be quite content with since a lot of people already wish there were 4G PlayBook’s available.

Potential BlackBerry Customer:What’s this new hole for?
Salesman:This my friend is a SIM card slot!

You don’t say! Keep an eye out for this addition as well.

And last but not least we’ve also heard whispers of the PlayBook 2 being able to sync emails, contacts and calendars with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) without having to connect to the BlackBerry Bridge.

Most people are expecting the new model to have other preloaded apps included such as standard email and calendar apps to boot. RIM has heard these demands loud and clear so let’s see what the verdict is when it arrives. My guess is RIM will rise to the occasion once again, like they always do, to deliver a new product that meets the demands of loyal and long-term customers.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What would you like to see come equipped with RIM’s next tablet? Please feel free to speak your mind below in the comments section.

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