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Some time ago we posted an article entitled “Android Edition: Are Tablets subject to Viruses or Malware?”. In it, we learned that, indeed tablet PCs are susceptible to malware, and other such peril. Of course, it’s not like us to leave you hanging, so we also provided a solution, namely AVG Antivirus by AVG Mobilation. As stated in the article, this handy software comes in a variety of flavors, from Free to Pro.

Subsequently, we’ve learned of another powerful antivirus package designed specifically for Android-based tablets. Since we’re all about giving you the low down on all-things-tablets, we thought it would be appropriate to present Kaspersky Tablet Security by Kaspersky Lab. This effective security system offers essential, world-class, antivirus protection specifically for Android-based tablets.

Available as a download, you can purchase Kaspersky Tablet Security for one, or two years. A one-year package is available for $19.95, or you can purchase two-years of protection for just $29.95. That’s a total of $9.95 in savings.

So, why would you want to part with your hard-earned money? Well, as stated on the official website:

Just like your laptop, a tablet can fall victim to malicious attacks at any time. An infected tablet can then spread viruses to your PC, friends and colleagues. With Kaspersky Tablet Security, we’re once again delivering the world’s best security software that’s easy to use and won’t slow you down!

Eugene Kaspersky, Founder & CEO

Seems to me, $19.95 is a small price to pay for protecting your time, and valuable information. In addition, Kaspersky transforms your tablet into a virtual “virus filter” for friends, coworkers, and your home computer. Great! Sounds like Kaspersky Tablet Security truly fits the bill. So, what does it do? Let’s have a look.

Kaspersky Tablet Security offers complete antivirus protection for your tablet PC. Designed specifically for Android-based tablets, it supports versions 2.2 to 3.1. Chances are likely that it will also protect Android tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich once the OS is released and the Kaspersky software has been updated. Frequently updated, Kaspersky Tablet Security offers real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, bots, spyware, and more. It contains a powerful database of malware signatures, and offers real-time scanning of files, and apps downloaded from the Internet.

Furthermore, updates are frequent and small, so they won’t slow you down. Kaspersky Tablet Security also features a Desktop Security Gadget, which allows you to easily check up on your protection status. In the unlikely event of a problem, you’ll always have access to free technical support via phone, email, or live chats.

In short, Kaspersky Tablet Security delivers trusted antivirus protection. With it, you can be rest assured that your tablet will be safe from malicious and fraudulent virus attacks. To purchase your very own copy, simply visit the official Kaspersky website.

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