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Will the iPad 3 come equipped with a high resolution 2048×1536 HD display? This does seem likely, according to the Korea Times Apple is in fact in the process of testing displays from both LG and Samsung for quality and for use in their upcoming iPad 3 tablet computer.

Back in May Samsung demonstrated their new 10.1 inch HD tablet display. Around the same time LG also made the industry and public aware of their AH-IPS (In-Plane Switching) high-res and high performance display. The new LG display panels have nearly twice the resolution of your typical roll of the mill LCD screen and also has viewing angles that are much more broad.

Countless tablet computer forums have been showered as of late with a downpour of demands for a future Retina Display iPad. The new screens from Samsung and LG may not have a Retina Display of 326 ppi (pixels-per-inch), similar to the iPhone 4, but they are not far from it with 280 ppi. This is nothing to frown upon and still significantly better than the current 132 ppi iPad 2 screen. They will also have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The business relationship between Samsung and Apple seems to be rocky at best sometimes, considering all of the legal battles between the two. Not to mention Apple has been shifting a lot of their chip manufacturing orders from Samsung to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Despite that, the two companies manage to find some level ground especially when it comes to screens and display technology. There’s no denying that Samsung is a very dominant force when it comes to the most advanced and innovative high resolution screen technology.

A Samsung representative who chose to remain anonymous stated the following:

while it (Apple) may find other manufacturers to provide customized chips for its new products, the same can’t be said about LCDs

When it comes to the iPad 3 and the components it will use, very little is concrete yet, and also remember that there’s a big difference between testing a potential product and actually using it in a future iPad. Whatever the case, Apple does insist that they want to bring a true HD experience to their line of iPad tablets, which makes total sense considering how much hype and demand there is for this. It’s not far fetched to say that they will possibly go with one of the screens they are currently testing.

I’ll do my best to keep you all informed on any progress regarding this topic and all other topics surrounding the iPad 3. In the meantime, what are your thoughts and opinions on the 3rd generation iPad so far? Do you think all of this is nothing more than bells and whistles or will the iPad 3 be well worth the wait?

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