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A new mobile app called Momseze has launched to help moms with newborns easily connect with certified consultants to help get the support and answers they need.

Being a mom and having a newborn child is exciting and the greatest gift of all time. However it can also present unforeseen challenges and even be a little scary at times especially for first time moms who have a lot of questions or concerns and don’t know where to seek answers.

Momseze is a clever new mobile app developed specifically for moms that aims to alleviate some of those common baby blues, breastfeeding issues, and other concerns.

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Whether you’re suffering from postpartum depression, having troubles with getting your newborn baby to latch while attempting to breastfeed, or anything else in between, the Momseze app makes it easy to connect with a certified lactation consultant and new baby support specialists. It’s also a service that is available 24/7/365 around the clock.

As stated by the team at Momseze:

Our team is chock full of empathetic, funny, honest, non-judgemental, caring and supportive women, that we lovingly nicknamed “Friendseze.” The Friendseze are highly qualified and beyond excited to meet you all.

The Momseze app is available via the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. It’s free to download and there are some helpful free features such as an educational and fun “Tipseze and Trickseze” blog as well as well as a feature that helps you find breastfeeding friendly locations near you. However, consultations do require purchasing one of their payment plans which range from $39.99 for a 25 minute consultation to $249 for a three month subscription. It is worth it because you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Momseze makes it easier than ever to quickly connect with certified specialists via voice calls, video calls, or by text, whatever you prefer.

So whether you’re a new mother with your first newborn child, or a mom who’s had children before who recently had a new baby, this mobile app is definitely a service that can help in many areas and worth checking out!

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