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Raining Blobs is brought to us by Black Shell Media. Put both of your fingers and your mind to the test with this fast paced arcade style anime puzzle game.

Raining Blobs gives off an old school arcade game machine feel with anime style graphics. It also has a bit of a Tetris feel to it. If you’re big into anime like myself you may get a Dragon Ball feel to it as well with the stars on the blocks. The creators of the game wanted to give the game a classic Japanese feel to it with a female anime protagonist.

Crush up to 8 local coop players or show your skills in the vs mode. You can maximize your play with more players with CPU’s giving you an experience of up to 16 players. With arcade versus, tournament, endless battles and puzzles you always have a chance to climb the local and global leader board. Get achievements and unlock-able galleries while also keeping an eye on your stats to show you just how well your game play is. While competing in tournaments you will be able to continue the story line of the game.

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Raining Blobs was released in the Steam store back on January 15, 2016. With the game being such a huge hit on that platform the creators decided to make their game more accessible by bringing Raining Blobs to Android. They’ve now made it so you can take the game anywhere and get the same enjoyment on your mobile device. The creators of Raining Blobs have been teasing us with this much anticipated Android game release on Twitter and it’s finally here!

As I write this article, we’ve also just been told by the developers that a free demo version for Android is also coming soon!

That’s right, the wait is over! You can now buy the game for $6.49 on Google Play. Raining Blobs is not just stopping with Steam and Android. They’ve also announced that they’re going to be releasing the game for the Xbox One at some point which will bring the excitement to even more devices. Raining Blobs also likes to interact with fans of the game. Just by taking a look at their Twitter account you can tell they are dedicated to what they have created and appreciate everyone who enjoys it.

Click the button below to purchase and download Raining Blobs on your Android tablet or smartphone today!

Raining Blobs on Google Play

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