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So you’ve recently developed an all new Android app or have created a new accessory for an Android based smartphone or tablet. Now you need quick and targeted exposure to your latest product. Look no further than Mobile PRWire, they have you covered and are the first official press release service of it’s kind available for the Android community.

You’ve already put so much time, effort and money towards developing your new app or accessory. Instead of spending countless days or possibly months attempting to gain exposure why not just sit back, relax and let Mobile PRWire do this for you. They offer an easy, reliable and affordable service that will get your product the exposure it needs. They have all the necessary contacts and have done all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Get your Android app or accessory noticed

It’s a competitive market out there, as you are likely already aware of if you are involved in the mobile industry. Don’t let your new Android app or accessory get lost in the shuffle. Get your press release delivered to a large audience through numerous top media agencies. With Mobile PRWire you get the exposure you both need and deserve.

Knowing their staff personally, I can honestly say they are the most dedicated, reliable and trustworthy group of mobile experts around. They also have the knowledge and marketing experience required to assist you in taking your product to the next level.

Their services are not only geared and limited towards the Android community. Let it be known they also cater to iOS developers and deliver any breaking news related to the mobile market.

The follwing is a list of areas and platforms their distribution services cover:

  • Android App news and information
  • Android Accessory news
  • Android hardware and software news
  • iOS and Mac App news
  • iOS and Mac Accessory news
  • iOS and Mac hardware and software news
  • Other mobile industry-related news and/or information

On top of PR distribution they also provide a mobile press release writing service. They go above and beyond to ensure you get the best possible exposure. They’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your press release gets noticed and stands out above the rest.

So head on over and visit Mobile PRWire today, you’ll be glad you did. They have a quick turn-around time and you’ll love what they can do for you. They truly are your one stop mobile press release solution!

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