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Gear Up With these New Accessories for Your BlackBerry KEYone

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BlackBerry KEYone

After some delay it’s now official that the Android-based BlackBerry KEYone will be available by the end of May in both Canada and the U.S. So, while you’re waiting to get your hands on this fancy new smartphone why not pre-order a few accessories in the meantime? (more…)

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5 Cool Cases and Covers for Your 12.9-inch iPad Pro

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The Contega Linen Case

Contega Linen Case for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

Manufactured by Pad & Quill, the Contega Linen Case will protect your 12.9 inch iPad Pro in style. It’s made with a Baltic birch wooden frame and has a self-propping built in stand which supports multiple propping positions. This smart cover is both durable and ergonomic.

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Logitech – CREATE Keyboard Case

Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 inch

Logitech has always been a brand you can trust. They teamed up with Apple to develop the CREATE keyboard case which provides maximum protection and functionality for your iPad Pro. No Bluetooth pairing is required as it connects to your iPad via the Apple Smart Connector. It has a built in auto wake/sleep feature and many shortcut functions such as the ability to easily adjust the keyboard backlight, switch languages, alter the brightness of your screen and more! Oh, and it’s external material is made using premium woven fabric which helps protect against spills!

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Snugg Nubuck Fiber Flip Stand Case

12.9 inch iPad Pro Snugg Nubuck Fiber Flip Stand Case

The stylish Snugg Nubuck Fiber Flip Stand Case is made with quality PU leather and comes with a lifetime guarantee! It is designed to keep your iPad Pro secure and protect if from scuffs and scratches. To help save battery life it will also put your iPad Pro to sleep once it’s closed. It’s hand strap is designed for comfort and it also has a loop to hold your stylus.

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JAMMYLIZARD case for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

The JAMMYLIZARD case for your 12.9″ iPad Pro is made using premium faux leather and comes in a variety of different colors such as white, black, blue, pink, purple, green, orange, brown and more. Although this smart cover is lightweight it provides maximum protection. You can view your iPad in 3 different positions with its 3 point incline design. You’ll love its built in pouch as well which is perfect for holding documents or paperwork. Oh, and it also comes with a microfiber polishing cloth!

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OtterBox Symmetry Hybrid Case

OtterBox Symmetry Hybrid Case for 12.9 inch iPad Pro

Only OtterBox could pull off designing a case that is both ultra slim and extremely durable. The OtterBox Symmetry Hybrid Case provides maximum drop protection for your iPad Pro without interfering with productivity or functionality. Have peace of mind knowing that your iPad Pro is fully protected. It even has a loop for your Apple Pencil and can fold into a stand providing multiple viewing angles.

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Great 2012 Deals On Tablet PC Carrying Bags

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Kick start the new year on a good note and take advantage of some of the best deals so far in 2012 on any of the following tablet PC carrying bags and protective cases.

Case Logic LNEO-10 Ultraportable Neoprene iPad Sleeve

Looking for protection for your 7-inch to 10.2-inch tablets? Case Logic® carries a wide assortment of soft sided tablet cases to fill just about any of your tablet PC needs. Right now we’re looking at the LNEO-10 ultraportable neoprene notebook/iPad sleeve. Constructed of durable, weather-resistant neoprene, the Case Logic LNEO-10 is designed to cushion and protect an assortment of devices such as 10-inch mini laptops, iPads, netbooks, and DVD players. Padded handles enable easy transport; nevertheless the compact design can easily fit into a briefcase, backpack or messenger bag. The Case Logic LNEO-10 also features a convenient outer zippered pocket to store and carry accessories such as power adapters, DVDs, and cables. The LNEO-10 measures 11.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 2.75 inches.

Price: $12.83 (regular $30.99) on Amazon

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Case Logic® VNA210 10.2-Inch iPad Attaché

Designed for mobile minimalists, the Case Logic® VNA210 is perfect for anyone transporting toys, tools and technology from home to office, on business trips or to the local coffee shop. The VNA210 is designed to accommodate most devices with displays ranging from 7 to 10.2-inches.

The VNA210 offers streamlined styling, with well-thought-out pockets for carrying daily essentials. At the heart of the VNA210 is the zippered top-load device compartment. This well-padded compartment is lined with dense foam, offering premium protection against daily bumps and bashes. It’s large enough to accommodate small netbooks and tablets, such as the iPad®, iPad2 or other devices sized up to 10.5 x 7.7 x 1.5-inches.

Two distinct pockets offer further organizational options. The Speed Pocket™ on the front panel enables immediate access to pocket-sized essentials such as a mobile phone, wallet, passport, ID, cash, keys and/or other small items. Access to the Speed Pocket is provided by a vertical hidden zipper, which opens top to bottom to prevent contents from spilling out when accessing your stuff.

A large, zippered compartment, called the Power Pocket™ is designed to organize and store all your portable essentials. The top portion of the Power Pocket™ features elevated accessory pockets for stowing accessories such as a mouse, iPod, and other small items. The Power Pocket™ also features a built-in neoprene sleeve for housing a USB thumb drive and elastic loops for stashing pens. The bottom of the Power Pocket™ is ideal for storing a power brick, accessory cables and other essentials. Even fully loaded, the VNA210 remains sufficiently slim to slip into another bag or backpack.

The Case Logic® VNA210 also accommodates a number of comfortable carrying styles. Padded carry handles reduce hand strain and a removable shoulder strap provides further carrying options. Equipped with swiveling hardware, the shoulder strap enables the attaché to move with you when changing shoulders, or wearing across the chest.

Constructed entirely of high-quality materials, the exceptionally crafted VNA210 is backed by a 25-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Light colored lining stands in contrast to the dark exterior, enabling easy viewing of the contents of the case. The 10.2″ attaché is available in both black and brown. The black version features a durable dobby nylon exterior. The brown version features wonderfully soft polyester twill, which also compliments the unique color. For peace of mind, the textured polyester twill is equally as durable as the nylon version. Both colors offer significant protection for your device.

Price: $14.63 (regular $19.99) on Amazon

Order black Case Logice iPad Attaché

STM Bags Scout for iPad and iPad 2

Congrats you’ve bought an iPad 2. You’re now “all-that”. Hmmm… perhaps your newfound status calls for the stepping up of your game in other areas as well. I mean, you can’t very well be seen lugging your tablet all unprotected and style-less. Egad! What would the Jones say? You simply need a way to transport your tablet in a way that’s both practical and masculine. Hmmm…

Why not consider STM Bags’ Scout for the iPad, and iPad 2. The New York Times calls the Scout “hipster-perfect”. (That has you written all over it). The NYT also gives the manufacturer high marks for style. High praise indeed, but what kind of protection does the Scout offer?

Well… the Scout’s laptop section is lined with high-density foam padding to protect your tablet from external abuse. Further protection is furnished by a cushioned felt laptop lining, to prevent marring of your precious hardware.

Your iPad is kept secure in two ways. First, an interior flap covers laptop section. This interior flap is secured by a robust double Velcro closure. Secondly, the adjoined exterior flap can be locked into position thanks to a sizable buckle closure on the main bag. This added protection ensures your iPad won’t come tumbling out unexpectedly. The Scout bag also boasts two utility pockets, which are also covered when the main flap is closed.

The first pocket is ideal for a small daily planer or novel. On the exterior of this fist pocket is a zippered pouch for storing small devices such as an iPod or Smartphone. The second pocket can store small accessories such as a charging cable or a wallet. The second pocket also features elastic loops for stashing pens. However, if you’re looking for a lot more storage than perhaps this bag is not for you.

The olive drab Scout messenger bag has a relaxed, urban style. It offers superior protection and the ability to become ultra organized. It’s the perfect solution for carrying your iPad in rugged, masculine style.

Price: $49.99 (regular $54.95) on Amazon

Order STM Bags Scout for iPad 2

Targus Radius 13″ Vertical Messenger Bag

Holy organization, Batman! The Targus Radius 13″ Vertical Messenger brings a whole new meaning to the word “organized”. This bad boy has more pockets than a pool hall. When closed, you’ll find two exposed pockets on the exterior. The back of the bag features a large pocket capable of holding an 8-1/2” x 11” notepad. The exterior of the front flap also offers a pocket; only this one is significantly smaller. This front facing pocket is ideal for storing a small pack of facial tissues, ID, and less advisably a wallet.

Open up the main flap and you’ll discover a zippered mesh pouch. With a glance you can scan the contents of this smaller pouch. It’s ideal for snacks, iPods or other small essentials. Unzip the outer fold to reveal, what else… more pockets, a LOT of them. On the interior of the fold is another zippered mesh pocket. This transparent pouch is ideal for small cables, instruction manuals, anything that folds flat. On the interior of the fold there’s ample room to store power packs, a mess of cables, and just about anything you can imagine. There are three pockets ideally suited to hold items the size of a mouse, digital camera or MP3 player. There’s another slightly smaller pocket for cables, or whatnot. There’s a pocket for a thumb drive, a clip to hang keys, and two elastic loops for pens. The Targus Radius 13” also provides a small opening to the outside of the pack, to accommodate the wires of an ear bud headphone.

Finally, we come to the compartment to store your tablet PC or laptop computer. This ample compartment can easily hold a large tablet PC or a laptop computer to a maximum of 13-inches. Even with your electronics in place there’s still plenty of room for paperwork and a large notepad.

For ergonomic ease the Targus Radius 13″ vertical padded messenger bag features a swiveling, length-adjustable shoulder strap. Like all Targus bags, the 13” Vertical Messenger bag features a slideable shoulder pad to help ease your burden.

Overall the Targus Radius 13″ Vertical Messenger Bag is stylish, well built and thin. It easily accommodates tablets and laptops including large amounts of sundries. Constructed of robust nylon, the Targus Radius 13” has the goods to facing your daily commute.

Price: $52.43 (regular $63.99) on Amazon

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Bag Home Again

“Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity”
– King James Bible (Cambridge Edition)

Well, this next bag isn’t so much about protection as it is about style. And as Billy Crystal once sang, “It’s not how you feel, it’s how you look!” and with this bad boy you’ll look marvelous. Made of 100% cotton canvas the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Bag features single gusset flap-over construction. A full-length open top pocket adorns the exterior rear wall of the bag, and seals with a Velcro closure.

Overall, the Home Again bag is designed to accommodate a variety of business essentials. On the front (below the flap) you’ll find an exterior zippered pocket for storing small sundries such as a wallet, MP3 player, or digital camera. On the interior rear wall of the bag you’ll find another small zippered pocket for still other accessories. For stylish good looks, the interior main compartment and inner flap are adorned with rakish graphics. The 4-inch single gusset vertical flapover messenger bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap. For even greater versatility, the bag can be hoisted by a webbing reinforced carrying handle.

The canvas construction is occasionally juxtaposed by black leatherette. The leatherette graces the bottom exterior of the bag, as well as the outer sides of the shoulder strap, the strap attaching points and buckles. Get noticed with the Kenneth Cole Reaction “Home Again” Luggage Bag. Hand wash only.

Price: $69.95 on Amazon

Order Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Bag

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Tuff-Luv Brown Hemp Asus Eee Pad Transformer Case Review

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Our latest tablet accessory review is for the Tuff-Luv brown hemp multi-view case for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical Eee Pad Transformer Case this one is definitely a winner. It’s well thought out and visually appealing too both inside and out.


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10 Best Cases For Your Kindle Fire Tablet

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Check out our top 10 best Kindle Fire cases. These are some of our favorites and we hope you find one from this list that is suitable for you. Keep your new 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet well protected in style and carry your new tablet in one of the following cases wherever you go.


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ReAuthored iPad 2 Book Case Review Plus Giveaway

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At first glance when you see a ReAuthored iPad 2 book case it looks just like a regular hard cover book, but like the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover. Fortunately we were lucky enough here at Let’s Talk Tablets to get our hands on one of these unique and stylish custom made iPad 2 book cases and we hope you enjoy the following accessory review.


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