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“Writer’s block. Unbelievable. The Bane of any Author”

As I sat down to write today I realized I didn’t have a single idea in my head. Nothing. Which isn’t good ‘cause, well… I’m a blogger, an industry expert, a beacon of hope in the dark, tumultuous, and stormy Tablet Computer Sea. (Which BTW is located off the eastern coast of South West Saskatchewan)

So I began to rack my brain for ideas. I needed something new, something fresh, something others hadn’t covered before. Underwater Tablet PCs. Meh! The use of tablets in freak shows. Too current. So I directed my mind back to the beginning, to a simpler time when everything wasn’t so flashy, so polished, so marketed. And it hit me, the abacus. You can’t really get more old school than that!

It was the epiphany I was looking for. Suddenly the foliage parted and the path stretched out before me. Word association. Mindless word association.

Abacus… *Massaging forehead* abacus… abacus. Ah! Abacus!

Let’s Talk Tablets is proud to present the Abacus app By Computer Docs LLC. Whether you’re having trouble keeping track of your goats, trying to calculate the spread on a local cockroach race, or figurin’ how much you should charge for your miraculous, cure-all, snake oil, the Abacus app is right for you.

Click here to download Abacus from the iTunes App Store.

You know, in all seriousness, I had no idea just how effective an Abacus can be. It’s old and ancient but staggeringly effective. Much like myself. Prove it to yourself by watching this insightful video.

Let’s see. Where was I?

Abacus… *Stroking chin* abacus… abacus… Ah! A-B-A-C-A-B!

Yes, it’s the eighties all over again. Wham! had yet to release their seminal album “Make It Big”, yet women everywhere were doing their best to make their hair as big as possible, I mean really big. It was the golden age of hairspray, gel, and jocks named Chad. On August 14, 1981 Genesis released Abacab, their 14th studio album. In the UK, the album reached No.1 and remained on the charts for 27 weeks. Although the album received mixed reviews from both fans and critics, it featured such hits as the title track “Abacab”, “No Reply At All,” and “Man on the Corner”. Now thanks to the wonders of tablet PCs you can both watch the videos or download the album with a few swipes of your finger.

Abacab… *Chin on fist* abacab… abacab… Ah! ABBA , and cabs.

Yes it’s everyone’s favorite Swedish pop group, ABBA. Please note, the first B in ABBA should be reversed, but I’ll be cow-kicked and hornswoggled if I could figure out how to do that.


Yes sir, back in the seventies and early eighties, the polyester clad winners took it all by simply knowing the name of the disco ball game. Speaking from personal experience, it’s as if they peered deep into our collective souls, and knowing me, and knowing you, made us all dancing queens in our own right. I’m not ashamed to say. It’s really not a wonder that they made so much money, money, money. Mama Mia, they were great! And thanks to your tablet computer, you’re always a few swipes away from rekindling your Disco Inferno. So strap on your platform shoes and break out your pastel leisure suit, it’s time to get your “Le Freak” on.


Now thanks to “Call a Taxi” by Networking 2.0, you can instantly find a taxicab, anytime, anywhere. With just a couple clicks, you’ll be connected to the nearest (and therefore cheapest) taxi service available. Thanks to “Call a Taxi” you’ll have a taxi sent your way in no time. Now there’s no need to worry if you find yourself stranded late at night or in a strange city. The “Call a Taxi’ app makes a great gift for any loved one and it’s a small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind. Don’t let a big yellow taxi take away your old man without the “Call a Taxi” app. *Raising arm* TAXI!

Download Call a Taxi from the iTunes App Store.

Speaking of Taxis, are you a fan of the show Cash Cab? Who isn’t? Ever wish you had the opportunity to win cash from a distracted cab driver conducting a game show while simultaneously driving. You’d be crazy not to. Well get behind the wheel, and text your friend while scarfing down ho-hos and chugging hot coffee. It’s time to play the home edition of Cash Cab. And by the home-edition, I mean when you’re behind the wheel of your four-wheeled death juggernaut. Yes, thanks to the Cash Cab app by Beeline Interactive, Inc., you can take the lives of others into your own hands by mindlessly playing Cash Cab for real fake money. Don’t let the prospect of facing prison time prevent you from having a blast with Cash Cab. Your prison lover Snake will thank you.

Download Cash Cab from the iTunes App Store.

*Scratching head* Cab… cab… cab… caaaaaaaaab. Cabin Boy!

Described as a fantasy comedy and released in 1994, Cabin Boy has slowly gained the status of cult classic. Directed by Adam Resnick and produced by Tim Burton, Cabin Boy follows the misadventures of self-centered, virginal schoolboy, Nathaniel Mayweather. In the film’s opening, Nathaniel, played by comedian Chris Elliott, has graduated with the moniker “fancy lad”. Invited to Hawaii by his father, William Mayweather, Nathaniel is expecting to sail on the Queen Catherine. Through a series of mishaps, Nathaniel mistakes the weathered “Filthy Whore” for his millionaire dad’s yacht. There he joins four filthy, ne’er-do-well sea salts for hijinks on the high seas.

In 1995, Chris Elliott was nominated for a Rassie Award under the heading “Worst New Star”. For better or worse, Chris Elliott was never awarded the prize for his portrayal of Nathaniel Mayweather in Cabin Boy. As with most cult classics, Cabin Boy typically falls into the love it or hate it category. Go ahead, throw away 80 minutes of your life,

Download Cabin Boy the movie to your tablet PC.

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