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After the Hobbit movies we all thought our trip to Middle-Earth was done but we were wrong. Warner Bros. International Enterprises is bringing us an exciting new game not just for PC, Xbox and PlayStation but for Android as well called Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

This soon to be released Android game takes place during events that occurred between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. In the game you play the role of the Ranger Talion who shares his body with the elf lord Celebrimbor.

Talion and elf lord Celebrimbor are on a quest to forge a new ring, one to raise an army and fight against Sauron. Along with this ring minor rings have been forged to answer to this one. Talion and Celebrimbor believe the rings they forged are to raise him as the force of good against Sauron and his army. When called, the minor rings bring the champions from Middle-Earth to overthrow Sauron in the Shadow of War. During your journey through Mordor you must fight against Sauron’s armies and try to turn them against their master.

Command iconic Middle-Earth heroes such as Gimli and Galadriel as they are controlled by the new rings of power. Collect and upgrade equipment as you make your journey through to better power and equip yourself. Fight in real-time battles in the hostile lands and command your team with special attacks. With every battle you can dominate your Orc enemies or leave a trail of bodies as you go. The Orc’s remember your movements and tactics which make the battles more personal and difficult as you go forward.

You play in the third person perspective. Talion has many athletic and natural combat skills combined with the power of the elf lord Celebrimbor so you can complete many missions along your way. There are quests that help the narrative of the journey along with some that are optional that just help to boost your abilities. The game will host a weather system as well as a day and night cycle which moves the game play and enemy behavior.

The release date for this Android game is set for October 10, 2017. The original shipment date was for August 2017 but it was announced by Warner Bros. that they were going to push the date back 2 months to make sure we as consumers get the best out of our game play. You are currently able to pre-register on Google Play and pre-order the game as well for other game consoles. The anticipation of this game is very high. The only teasers we as consumers and fans have seen so far are the short clips released by the creators. The graphics look on point and the game play looks to be very well done. I personally cannot wait for the release so I can play for myself and get a feel for Middle-Earth once again as a fan of the world that J. R. R. Tolkien has created.

Check out the official Middle-Earth: Shadow of War website or click the button below to visit Google Play to pre-register for the upcoming Middle-Earth Shadow of War game for Android.

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