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Augmented reality mobile games are continuously becoming more and more popular. Now there is a new take on a game that most of us will have fond memories of. Our iOS app of the week is Mad Ducks AR which is an augmented reality duck hunting game for your iPhone or iPad. This game reminds me of the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt but with a big twist.

Unlike the Nintendo classic if you don’t shoot down these duck they will hit you with their poop. The fact that this iOS app is an augmented reality game means you can see the ducks flying all around you in your world. Follow the ducks with your phone and take revenge on these flying nuisances. Yes these ducks love to poop on you and everything around you and the sounds they make are so annoying that you’ll want to shoot them down even more. The sounds of the ducks and their flying speed are meant to up the difficulty and annoyance.

Mad Ducks AR iOS game screenshot

This game makes it so you don’t have to wait for canard season to go hunting. Bring out your iPhone at any time and start shooting with this free app from the App Store. You may not have a dog or an orange plastic gun but you still have the ducks and the hunting to go along with it. This game is a lot of fun and a great take on the duck hunting genre of games. This game makes it so the ducks themselves can also get a few shots in as well.

Indie game developer Vladislav Evdokimov promises it is different from all the other duck hunting games out there. He hopes that by combining a great classic game with new sounds and an augmented reality it will set the game apart from others, and we believe it does. With any game there are imperfections and the creators of Mad Ducks AR are well aware of this fact. They encourage their users to contact them with any problems they encounter in the game so that they may fix it. They strive to make the best possible games for their users. So go download the app today and let duck hunting season begin!

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