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LOL Kart is our first featured Android app of the week for 2018. This bizarre and entertaining mobile game takes a theme from a Nintendo classic and flips it upside down. LOL Kart a fun and quirky new take on go kart games.

As with many go kart games this is a free multiplayer racing game. This wacky Android game is filled with many pop culture icons and references.

Drive with your choice of over 30 different fun and unique karts in the game. Collect hats, wigs, and masks to make your driver look the way you want. You can use your super powers or jump, rush, drift and eject your opponents from the track so you can take the lead. Form gangs, challenge players and unlock rewards as you master each track.

LOL Kart Android game screenshot

Mastering the tracks of the game can be challenging but that just adds to the fun. The game even lets you create your very own tracks. You can form gangs with friends or other players from all around the world. When you join this hilarious go kart world you might even meet a few new friends along the way.

You can unlock rewards in LOL Kart that enable you to upgrade your existing karts or even get all new karts. Rewards can also help you earn coins. Just stay focused on the tracks ahead of you and race your way towards getting those rewards. As mentioned above the game includes pop culture icons such as for example Speeder Man or Prison Brake that you can race as.

Make your go kart racer your very own and take on the racing world by putting your pedal to the metal. With no rules and only one goal in sight this game is sure to have you and your fellow players driving for hours. So let’s make those tracks, design our drivers, pick our karts and head towards that finish line!

LOL Kart on Google Play

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