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We here at are proud to be one of the premier tablet computer sites online. As experts in the touchscreen tablet industry we feel it’s our duty to pass along that knowledge, news and other tablet PC related information to our valued readers.

As you are likely aware of by now, although our site is still fairly new, then again so is the tablet industry in general, we are already well known and highly recognized for our in-depth, professional, educational and sometimes humorous coverage when it comes to the ever so growing world of tablet computers. After discussing the idea with the reputable and hardworking staff at AllTop, and considering how fast the tablet PC market is growing we have come to the conclusion that it would be a great benefit to add a category dedicated specifically to tablet computer news.

We are honored to be the very first site to have our news feed listed on the AllTop Tablets News section which just went live earlier today. Although as of this moment we are the only site featured in this new section, you can bet it will be populated with other useful tablet computer related news feeds sooner than later, once people catch on to the fact that this new section exists, and of course it exists for good reason.

Our goal is to help spread the word. We hope you check it out and bookmark it while you’re at it so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest buzz on what’s happening when it comes to portable touch screen tablets, news, reviews, app releases, technological advancements, interviews and more.

Thanks again to the staff at AllTop for hearing us out and taking the time to add our feed as well as the new Tablets News section to their popular site. Several months and nearly a million dollars in expenses later it’s finally live! Ok just kidding everyone, the AllTop crew were very supportive and agreed there would be a demand for such a section on their site. In reality they acted promptly and had the section up and running within less than 24 hours upon request. Oh and they didn’t charge us anything either, at least we hope we don’t get a shockingly huge invoice in the mail, I think we’ll be safe in that department though.

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