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Last year at Lenovo’s annual Tech World event the company left everyone in awe when they showcased their Folio bendable tablet concept along with their CPlus flexible smartphone that folds into a smartwatch. This year at Tech World 2017 Lenovo flaunts an updated prototype of their Folio tablet that folds into a smartphone.

This next-generation concept is quite intriguing, who would have imagined that one day a device could be able to convert from a slate to a smartphone and vice versa?

This new and improved prototype version of Lenovo’s Folio tablet runs on the latest Android mobile operating system (Android 7.0), has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1440, and instantly converts from a 7.8-inch tablet PC to a 5.5-inch smartphone. When converted to a smartphone it’s a bit bulky, but you still can’t help but admire the dual display handset and flexible touchscreen display technology of the device.

This next level device also comes with an e-SIM and sports a Qualcomm Xiao Long 800 processor. Following Lenovo trends, such as the Yoga series of tablets, it’s not far fetched to say that if and when the Folio tablet hits the market a Windows version would also be highly likely.

Of course it may be quite some time before we see such a device for sale on the mainstream global market, but the technology is certainly there.

With Samsung’s efforts to patent such a device for some time now but not having any viable or physical concept to show, this is a giant leap forward for Lenovo. Samsung currently dominates the tablet PC market and is the largest tablet PC maker in the world with a 19% market share as of Q1 2017. However, Lenovo could gain a lot of ground if they release the Folio tablet for sale to the general public. Even though it’s expected that Samsung will reveal their Galaxy X foldable phone sometime later this year, like the old adage goes it’s not always who’s the best but who’s first which in this case definitely works in Lenovo’s favor.

With smartphone sales on the rise and tablet PC sales on a rapid decline, such a hybrid device could be what the tablet industry needs right now. But then again with holographic technology and the likes of RED’s Hydrogen One Android smartphone for example, the tablet industry could face even more disruption. Regardless, the tablet PC industry isn’t going anywhere and it’s always exciting to see innovative new products like Lenovo’s Folio tablet.

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