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New photo and video samples flaunting the dual-lens camera of the upcoming LG V30 phablet have recently been leaked.

LG and actor, writer, and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt, have teamed up once again, just like they did with the LG V10. This time they are joining forces to promote the LG V30. Footage of the LG V30 in action is found on the actor’s popular website HITRECORD.

  • LG V30 sample frame 1
    LG V30 sample frame 1
  • LG V30 sample frame 2
    LG V30 sample frame 2
  • LG V30 sample frame 3
    LG V30 sample frame 3
  • LG V30 sample frame 4
    LG V30 sample frame 4
  • LG V30 sample frame 5
    LG V30 sample frame 5

Just click here to see all of the sample photos and videos.

The photo frames above give us a bit of a better idea of what to expect with the upcoming LG V30. The camera and video capturing capabilities of the LG V30 are nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from LG’s latest devices. That of course being of the highest quality.

We get to see the LG V30 from practically all angles. As is clearly obvious, you can see the dual-lens cameras and that the device itself has a bit more of a curve to its edges.

It’s expected that LG will officially unveil their latest flagship at IFA 2017 in Berlin on August 31. Of course like any new product, it’s always wise to build some hype beforehand.

Press invite for LG V30

The LG V30 is expected to have a new OLED screen, a 2:1 aspect ratio similar to the LG G6, and 2880 x 1440 resolution. Other specs include 4 GB of RAM and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It may also possibly be water resistant and have a back that is covered in glass. At this point in time it’s all mostly speculation, but of course we’ll know more by the end of the month when the LG V30 is officially revealed.

Based on what we know so far, what are some of your thoughts regarding the LG V30? Are you anticipating the arrival of the new phablet and is it something you may consider purchasing once it’s available? Please share your comments below.

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