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Clever and talented magician Simon Pierre returns with part 2 of is humorous iOS preview video series. Some of you might recall his original iOS 5 Parody video which we featured back in June. If not, you might want to check out part 1 first to help you better understand part 2.

Moments ago Simon contacted us directly to inform us of his latest video, thanks for the heads up Simon! He also tried to bribe us to post his latest video by offering us a free iPad, unfortunately it’s one that mysteriously vanishes when you press the main power button, don’t ask us how, but we decided to post his video anyway. Just kidding. Hey it’s the least we can do, here at Let’s Talk Tablets we’re always game for supporting talented and creative people like this who think outside of the box, er magic hat I meant to say!

Like Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated back in January 2010, one of his many famous quotes:

We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary new product

Wow, seems like just yesterday the iPad was introduced, time really flies when you’re busy inhaling virtual (or maybe it is real) beer from your iPad!

Well, whatever the case Simon Pierre really does take the word “magical” to a whole new level with the fascinating and mind boggling things he manages to do with the iPad.

Preview on iOS Video Part 2

WARNING: This video contains humor and reveals secret magic tricks. Viewer discretion is advised!

So without any further adieu here’s Simon’s second video where he explains a few of his tricks of the trade and responds to some of the comments that were made on his original video. Enjoy!

We still don’t know how he stole the iPad from Chuck Norris, magicians do have a way of keeping us in suspense but perhaps that will be revealed in Part 3. Then again, hey, good magicians can’t give away all of their secrets! We all have to draw the line somewhere. Out of courtesy though Simon we do hope you reveal how to do the magical iPad disappearing trick, it’s only fair isn’t it?

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