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Release Me HD is the perfect photo and model release form app for our digital age. This app is useful in many different areas for all types of photographers especially those who are on the go and travel a lot. This newly released app is iOS 5 compatible and is both convenient and very simple to use.

An app like this has a lot of advantages for photographers, models or anyone featured in various different types of photos. As a photographer you don’t always know exactly when you’ll need to use a photo for a particular project. You might not even submit a photo for publication in a magazine or other source until years after you’ve taken a photo, and it’s always good to have model release forms and information on hand.

Release Me HD for iPad

Release Me HD App Key Features

It’s important that the rights of photographers as well as models and other individuals featured in photos or videos are protected and this app helps accomplish that. Models can have their photos taken and associated with any custom form and simply use an iPad stylus pen to sign their signature. You can even use the location based mapping feature to automatically pinpoint your current location which makes filling out the form even easier. Of course the date of the release form is also included. If you’re a photographer you likely already know this, but you might decide to use a particular photo at a later date, perhaps even years after it was taken, but the actual date of any legally binding release form is important and essential.

As quoted by the developers of this great app:

A release form… It’s better to have it and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it, because you never know what you might end up using your pictures for!

That’s right, I did say “custom form” above, meaning photographers can create different forms containing various types of information for different models and projects. This app makes it easy to drag and drop or remove fields that can vary from one project to the next. Photographers can even include their own personal or company logo and letterhead on the top of each form.

Perhaps it might be a stretch, but in my opinion this app can almost be considered as environmentally friendly even. What I mean is, you don’t have to use physical paper like the days before mobile touchscreen devices and these digital forms are just as legal and valid.

Another useful feature of this app is that it can automatically generate PDF file versions of any and all release forms that you create. This is very convenient and these PDF files can easily be sent via email to any address you desire. Perhaps the model will want a copy for his/her own personal backup and this is good for photographers too because this way they won’t have to worry about paper forms getting lost especially while traveling either short or far distances from their office or studio.

Click the button to purchase your own copy of Release Me HD for only $8.99. For photographers who take their job, passion or profession seriously this is certainly a must have app that’s worth every cent.

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