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If you have the Monday morning blues we have just the cure and it comes in the form of a newly released iPad game called Farm Mania 2 HD. That’s right, our iPad app of the week is from the developers at Realore Studios who have created a fun sequel to their popular and original hit farming sim game!

See if you have what it takes to trade in your city lifestyle for a life on your very own farm. Country life might sound easier and more laid back but the truth is building a successful farm from the ground up is, although not impossible, still quite a challenge. You can do it though!

new iPad game Farm Mania 2 HD

Farm Mania 2 HD Overview & Key Features


In this new HD iPad game you play the role of Anna, a city girl who after spending the summer at her grandfather’s farm becomes inspired to start her own from scratch! Buying a new farm is one thing but maintaining it is something else all together as Anna (you) will quickly find out. It’s a big change of scenery and it requires a lot of hard work and assistance to build your farm up. You’ll find it can also be very rewarding once you get some momentum going, become familiar with the every day tasks involved and ultimately start turning a profit. It takes practice, essential time-management skill and patience but the more you play this addictive game the more you’ll get the hang of it.

Key Game Features

There are two different game modes to choose from including Casual and Arcade style. There’s more than 60 fun and entertaining levels to work your way through and also a wide variety of farm animals to raise. While making sure your animals get fed and monitored properly you’ll also have to keep a good eye on the fruits and vegetables you harvest. Make sure you don’t let your crops whither or your animals go hungry! You’ll have to invest in the proper equipment and also protect your livestock from nasty predators.

You’ll also enjoy the optional in-app purchases option to help you unlock special bonus skills and upgrades to help you advance further in the game and make your farm even more successful. There’s also mini-games that can lead to you finding hidden objects in the game for even more fun entertainment!

This game also has great HD graphics and was developed specifically for the Apple iPad.

Will you excel as a successful farmer or throw the towel in and move back to the city? Test your skills and give this new HD iPad game a try today!

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