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Today I’m especially pleased to announce our latest iPad App of the Week, introducing Codify from the developers at Two Lives Left. This is the ultimate app of all apps and an easy to use solution for iOS app developers or those who are interested in becoming developers.

It tickles me pink to see apps like this hit the market. Why you might ask? Well, back in May, which in reality was only five short months ago but can seem like centuries considering how much the tablet PC industry has evolved since then, I wrote an article called What Will Future Tablet PCs Be Like?. My mind was swirling with innovative ideas, like always, and one thing I mentioned was, and this is a direct quote:

apps will be more advanced but cheaper and easier to create… there will be more tools for actual tablet pc consumers to develop custom apps on their own instead of having to hire developers

That’s the first time I’ve ever actually quoted myself in this manner, but low and behold such solutions, thanks to apps like Codify, are already beginning to come into fruition and become a reality as the world of mobile computing continues to rapidly advance. These certainly are exciting times we live in.

Create iPad apps with Codify

Codify is to apps what programs such as Dreamweaver were and still are for programmers and website developers. A perfect blend of a user friendly interface working in harmony with generating complex, functional and professional apps. See a demo video below of Codify in action.

Codify App Development Tool Demo Video

Codify Key App Features

Codify is a wonderful visual editor and code editor for easily creating iOS apps and games. An app like this is a great option for new and experienced iOS app developers alike and all at a low cost of only $7.99 which is more than reasonably priced.

Codify is built on the Lua programming language which makes it a fast and powerful app development solution. As quoted on the official Lua website:

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.

In Layman’s terms, Lua helps make building custom apps easy whether or not you have knowledge and experience when it comes to programming. When I was studying C++ way back in the day my instructor taught me to think of an array as though it was like a carton of eggs. The eggs being the elements and the carton which contains the elements that together form an array. Yeah, I get it, don’t quit my day job, roger dodger, message heard loud and clear!

Back to the Codify app main features. Plain and simple, if you can visually imagine and have an idea for an app then Codify is a must have tool that will help you make it happen. Easily customize iOS app functions, features, numbers, colors, sounds (audio), tweak variables, automatically render code and much more!

Download on the App Store

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