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Today we present our first ever featured app in our new iPad app of the week series which will take place on every Monday of the new week. We want to help you kick start your week on a good note, no pun intended regarding today’s featured app either.

Each week we will feature a brand new app that we feel is worthy of being listed, and this one is the first of many to come of course! Introducing 7notes HD from the developers at 7Knowledge. This newly released app is a free productivity app for your iPad or iPad 2 and it comes bundled with several great features.

Their slogan is “This is how you should take notes“.

featured iPad app 7notes HD

7notes HD Key Features

Note Customization

For starters this diverse and flexible app lets you fully customize your notes. You can decorate them, indent them, select your own custom font style your notes however you’d like.

Take Notes Quicker

The 7notes HD iPad app has a built-in state-of-the-art predictive engine which can speed up the whole note taking process. To help put this feature into perspective, it works similar to when you’re doing a search on Google and a list of suggestions are presented as you type. If you take enough notes the time you save with such a feature can really add up and help improve overall efficiency.

Convert Your Notes

This feature is only available in the premium version, but you can take your roughly drafted notes and easily polish them off and annotate them later by converting them to professional documents.

Share & Transfer Notes

Easily connect and share your notes via Facebook or Twitter. This app also makes it a breeze to transfer your existing notes to other storage services such as Dropbox and Evernote for example.

Create & Curate

Another great feature of this app is it’s variation of unites including “Text Unit“, “Image Unit” and “Web Unit” which makes curating notes from images or various web pages easier than ever.


All and all this is a very handy and well developed iPad productivity app for taking quality notes. Such an app can be used during several different types of situations including consultations, research for work or school or even just keeping track of your ideas as they flow freely and come to mind.

If you enjoy the free version of this app there’s also a premium version available for $8.99.

Download on the App Store

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