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Time Crash is a newly released 3D first person parkour runner with stunning graphics. It also happens to be our weekly featured iOS app.

This fun and fast-paced mobile game developed by 8SEC is unlike any other parkour game out there. Check the official Time Crash game trailer below to see for yourself!

Time Crash runs at a whopping 60fps (and no, that was not a typo) to ensure the best 3D mobile gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet PC. It features a unique story mode with incredible animated cutscenes.

Your mission in this game is to outsmart dangerous obstacles, and ultimately save the city. You’ll need to be sharp! Your quick reflexes and on the fly decision making skills will be put to the test. Timing in this game is key.

As you make your way through the levels be sure not to let any enemies get in your way. They will try, but just keep reminding yourself that you are a powerful agent with time bending powers! You can slide, jump, vault, run, and zip better than any enemy that tries to get in your way!

Let’s be honest, most parkour games out there are not all that great, but that’s not so in this case as 8SEC has taken this genre to whole new heights.

8SEC is a team of three indie developers who are very passionate and creative at what they do. Be sure to give them some love by rating this game. That is if you’re brave enough to take on the dangerous obstacles in Time Crash of course!

The city is depending on you and time is of the essence, so hurry and click the button below to visit the App Store to purchase and install Time Crash on your iPhone or iPad.

An Android version of Time Crash is also coming soon!

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