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Today we introduce to you Ticket to Earth by Robot Circus Pty Ltd which is one of the best story driven games for your iPad. Ticket to Earth is our latest iOS App of the Week and it’s by far one of the coolest newly released iOS games.

If you appreciate comic book style artwork, are a sci-fi fan, and enjoy puzzle/RPG hybrid games, then you’ll love Ticket to Earth. Check out the official game trailer below.

The graphics in Ticket to Earth are brilliant and the original battle system makes for a very unique RPG gaming experience. Right now only one episode of this story driven game titled “Uprising” is available but the developers ensure players that they are already working hard on episode two.

The game starts by taking place on a colony planet known as New Providence. Residents are anxious to leave the not-so-marvelous planet of New Providence and return to their home planet Earth. The problem is, only 1% of the population is able to afford tickets to board the Martian Princess starship to take them home. Not to mention, the starship is just now arriving to New Providence after travelling for 10 years from planet Earth so trips home are far and few between. As a result this sparks protests, outrage, betrayal and insurrection among citizens.

As if life wasn’t hard enough on New Providence, people also have to contend with the likes of mutated cockroaches and killer robots among other terrifying enemies. Your job in this game is to play the role of Melee and Ranged Peace Keepers.

The more you play the game, the more your character progresses and the more combat powers you obtain. Battle criminals, enemies, mutants, and evil machines to protect the innocent and help them return home where life is more peaceful.

You’ll never get bored with this game as the narrative is filled with plenty of surprises and plot twists. Click the button below to purchase and download Ticket to Earth from the App Store today!

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