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Our latest featured iOS App of the Week is the newly released Scary Stories by Du Han which is compatible with both your iPad and iPhone.

Prepare to be freaked out of your freaking mind! If you enjoy horror stories then you’ll love this Scary Stories app. All stories are told in chat style and there’s a variety of different short chat or long scary stories. Scary chat stories and episodes are updated daily!

For extra thrill and to add to the spooky experience there’s also the option to turn on creepy ambiance music in the background while you’re reading.

Whether you’re looking to kill some time with your iPhone by reading a short scary story on the bus or you’re in the mood for a longer story before bedtime on your iPad this app is full of masterpieces that will keep you on your toes and in suspense.

The staff here at Let’s Talk Tablets can’t attest to whether or not ghosts are real, but we can confirm that this app is the real deal.

The Scary Stories app is free to download but you do have the option to purchase weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions to remove in-app ads. Of course with the annual subscription you’ll save a bundle and it’s by far the best deal.

So go ahead and don’t be scared to click the button below to download and install the Scary Stories app on your iOS device.

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