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Well here it is our first featured iOS app for October 2017. With Halloween just around the corner we selected a newly released iOS puzzle game called Ghostsweeper Haunted Halloween as our latest iOS App of the Week.

Ghostsweeper Haunted Halloween is a new take on an escape puzzle game. Instead of being trapped in a room you are trapped in a cave. This isn’t just any cave; it’s a cave filled with trapped souls that you must purify with the holy cross. Don’t want to get haunted forever by a ghost turned soul? Then you must try to avoid the traps on your journey.

What better game to choose for our first week of October since it’s the spookiest month out of the whole year. I personally love these types of escape room games and this is a great twist on one. Not only do you have to find the holy cross but you must also find your way out of this haunted cave. Another great thing about this iOS game is that it’s free to download and play. The ads can get a bit annoying but the game is still fun. I recorded a video of some gameplay of Ghostsweeper Haunted Halloween for you to see below.

You may want to avoid this game if you scare easy. You never know what you may find in the cave along your journey. You have to navigate a haunted cave using only puzzles and clues that some crazy lunatic left you and you sometimes have to wonder if this person is trying to help you or kill you so your soul becomes trapped as well.

One important thing while playing this game is you must try to stay sane and calm. The graphics of the game give you a creepy water painting feeling. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those games that many people just can’t help but play. If you love spooky things like I do this will definitely catch your attention.

If you aren’t a huge fan of being spooked you’ll most likely still enjoy the challenging puzzles and graphics. This game has been put together with beautiful and creepy painted visuals. Don’t forget you need to keep a clear head while you solve the puzzles and help to purify the unfortunate souls that have been trapped in the cave. Oh and just a warning; if you play this game before going to bed it may possibly cause some strange dreams!

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