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Our iOS App of the Week is a fun new adventure game called Flora and the Darkness. With this 2D action and arcade style game you must fight darkness and show that light will prevail.

This game is on a side-scrolling platform with very artistic visuals. Saving the world has never looked more beautiful. The creators of the game really have talent when it comes to making such a magical looking world. With this world being swallowed up in darkness you must guide your character to be brave and fight for the return of the light.

The light beings of this planet have either been lost or trapped within the darkness. Flora was saved by her mother before the darkness took over everything. You play the role of this little light girl who must save the world. Being the only survivor of the light beings she must make sure that her mother’s sacrifice was not in vain. Flora is able to use special plants and abilities from the gods to navigate through her world.

Flora and the Darkness iOS game screenshot

Flora must use the gifts and connections she has with her world to make it to the end of each level. Each level has an ancient gate that, once activated, helps to chase the darkness away. The fate of Flora and her planet is in your hands.

As I have touched on earlier the game is beautifully created with its visuals. The graphics alone are enough to attract any gamer who is drawn in by amazing art. The game is intuitive and responsive with simple one-touch controls making it easier to play. So far with this recently launched iOS game there are 21 unique levels for you to navigate through.

The developers created special abilities so that the game has more strategic options. You will need these abilities and strategies when it comes to the various moving and static enemies placed throughout the game. You can really put all that you have learned from the previous levels to the test when you get to the final boss battle.

With epic music to accompany the game it will be hard not to get lost within this virtual world. Just click the button below to visit the App Store. It’s time to help Flora return light back to her world and be victorious.

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