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Lightricks Ltd. are known for bringing us great iOS photo editing apps such as Facetune, Facetune 2, Enlight, Enlight Photofox. Now they have launched yet another new app called Enlight Quickshot which is our featured iOS App of the Week.

Enlight has become the go to photo editing app for those who love taking great photos and videos. With artificial intelligence and neural networks Enlight Quickshot edits your photos instantly. Launched on August 31st, 2017 Lightricks has plans of Quickshot being the faster version to Photofox.

We are very impressed with the AI technology put into this app which is the reason we selected it as our app of the week. Using AI the app will help to quickly and instantly edit your photos for you. If that is not enough then you can go in and edit the shot before you take it with Quickshot mode. The Quickshot mode makes automatic adjustments before taking the photo by aligning the image and adjusting the lighting. It then displays the results on your iPhone’s screen. For the advanced users there are still a handful of customized controls for further enhancement. The app is designed to balance ease of use and powerful features.

Enlight Quickshot iOS app iconIf you have multiple pictures you need edited then you can use the batch editing feature. This feature is ideal for editing the pictures you have taken in the same spot with same lighting conditions to make editing easier. Along with all the amazing features we’ve already mentioned, the developers made sure to include some cool preset features as well. The preset features are made specifically for each of the conditions such as portrait, urban, nature and more.

With today’s mobile cameras getting more advanced and having better quality, a new breed of photographers have surfaced. With this app the developers are giving such artists and photographers a great tool to utilize. This app is the perfect tool for amateurs and pros alike with many features that make it easy to make your pictures look magnificent.

Enlight Quickshot is free to download for your iPhone from the App Store, but you can also subscribe to have unlimited access to more features. With a subscription you can have all the features that you would have to pay for in one shot. Whether you buy the subscription or not this iOS app will make your photos look amazing.

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