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Our featured iOS App of the Week is a newly released casual puzzle game called Cat Cat Catch by Shenzhen Mars Network Co, Ltd. This fun puzzle game is meant to be relaxing and therapeutic. It has lovely hand-painted style graphics with cheerful music. The rhythm of this game is moderate, with no intense stress so the player can relax with this slight brain-burning gameplay.

This mobile game came to life due to the personal experience of one of the creators of the game. The art designer has a blue short-haired Russian cat. The developer also has a Golden Retriever. The art designer complained one day to the game developer about how naughty her cat can be, which is the storyline of the game. The game follows a blue short-haired Russian and the owner as the cat gets into trouble.

The art designer told the other team members about how the cat would hide under furniture and in other places to avoid being found. That’s when the development team had their great idea to turn this experience into a fun puzzle game. The development team decided that with a cat this naughty the stories are sure to be fun! They began brainstorming ideas as to the trouble this cat can make in the game.

In this free iOS game you never know where the cat is going to be hiding. Is the kitty in the sofa? Plush toy? The uncle’s hair? You can use a dog to help you find this mischievous kitten wherever it’s hiding. Dogs and cats are not the only creatures you interact with, you can also play with a lion, policeman, the weird uncle or even an alien.

You’ll need to collect items that are in the room, some of which may also be hiding. Using these props you can find the cleverly hidden kitty. If you use the wrong item or make the wrong choice you will find that something weird or bad will happen. The levels in the game are made up of two types – the classic logical thinking puzzles and one which requires you to think outside the box.

With cute animals, a dozen props for you to use and the relaxed setting of the game, Cat Cat Catch is sure to be a fun addition to your gaming rotation. As always if you enjoy the app make sure you leave some positive feedback for the creator.

Cat Cat Catch - Fun Puzzle Game On the App Store

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