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Never fret again if you’ve lost your wallet or had it stolen thanks to the innovative Volterman smart wallet. Now you can have peace of mind by easily tracking the location of your lost or stolen Volterman anti-thief smart wallet right from your Android or iOS device.

Let’s face it, we’ve all misplaced our wallet at one point or another and it can be a very frustrating and scary experience. I had such a scare a few years ago, back in 2014, when I was attending an annual business convention in Las Vegas. I had arrived a bit early and decided to take a taxi downtown to a nearby casino to kill some time. I didn’t realize until after being dropped off that I had accidentally forgot my wallet in the taxi. My wallet had all of my cash, credit cards, and Canadian photo ID. Luckily I was able to get a hold of the taxi company to notify them of the situation. Within an hour the taxi driver had returned with my wallet with all contents intact. Regardless, for a while I was in quite a panic and not everyone is that fortunate or lucky.

The Volterman smart wallet lets you track and control your wallet while on the go whether you’re traveling overseas or short distances. It has several cool features including a Bluetooth alarm system that notifies you if you leave your wallet or smartphone behind, a built-in powerbank to charge your phone while on the go, global GPS tracking, and thief detection camera.

The Volterman smart wallet helps keep people honest. While in lost mode, with its tiny embedded camera it will automatically capture and send you photos of anyone who opens your wallet and tries to get clever by using your credit cards or tap enabled debit cards.

Volterman mobile apps for Android and iOS

If your iOS or Android smartphone is capable, the Volterman wallet also comes equipped with wireless inductive charging functionality.

If you’re travelling abroad you don’t have to worry anymore about expensive data roaming rates either because Volterman has thought of that too. They provide a worldwide WiFi hotspot service that is up to three times cheaper than average telecom rates.

The Volterman line of smart wallet products comes in three different models including a card holder, bifold, and travel model that can even hold your passport.

To learn more about this cool product visit the official Volterman website. The company states they’ll begin shipments of their new line of smart wallets around November or December of this year to ensure all orders arrive before Christmas.

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