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Do you dream at night about eating other humans and creating your own zombie nation, well that’s a silly question, who doesn’t? Now with the newly released zombie style iPad game Infect Them All HD you can release your inner cannibalistic desires to your hearts content!

Get your fill of flesh all the while infecting everyone in your path! Take no prisoners, rack up as many bodies as you can and even post your high scores and achievements on Openfeint or the Game Center’s global leader board, this way everyone can join in on the fun!

Infect Them All HD new iPad zombie game

Infect Them All HD Key Features

This new HD game is loaded with features and various options. Take your pick, play the role of 1 of 5 different types of zombies and let the bloodshed begin!

Battle your way through infinite stages and campaigns and take on up to 200 potential human victims at once! It’s a war zone out there and not all humans will go down easily, this is why you need to stay alert and don’t lose sight of your mission!

The human race has reigned for long enough and it’s your turn to reign supreme, like your inner zombie has been longing for! Starting off with small groups of infestations and working your way up to, as the title of the game states, infecting them all!

Use all of your 7 different abilities wisely and be on guard at all times for up to 23 different types of enemies that can attack out of nowhere, so you’ll want to be well prepared.

There’s also a blitz or survival mode if you feel like mixing it up and taking on different challenges. In survival mode the key is to stay alive for as long as humanly, or shall I say zombiely (I know that’s not a word, but what the heck) possible! If you select blitz mode your game strategy consists of infecting as many humans as you possible can in a short period of time! The clock will be ticking and there’s no better time than the present so go get ’em while you can, and remember there’s blood on everybody’s hands so don’t back down.

Infect Them All HD Trailer Video

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